Friday, January 25, 2013

Chicser's Facts!


*Ullyses Webb Facts
- Hershey bars is his favorite chocolate
- he don't like the word "grabe"
- blue, white black, red, gray is his favorite color
- 3rd year college at De Lasalle College of Saint Benilde
- he attend in Aquinas School  when he was in High school
- ideal girl: short hair, good at dancing, white skin
- Ully's crush is Chachi Gonzales
- Left handed
- Sweet person
- Choreographer
- Cherry Mobile is the brand of his cellphone

*Biboy Chua Facts
- 5'8 height
- Beatboxer
- a matured person
- his dream is to be reporter

*Oliver Lance Facts
- height is 5'6
- he have a blurry eyes that's why he always wear a contact lens
- he like a small shirt so that it will be fitted
- he go to church with Owy but sometimes Cav invite him
- his course is Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM)
- White Kitkat is his favorite chocolate
- he have 6 ex girlfriend
- Good at cooking
- he like to wave his hand to his fans
- he is not Kill Joy (KJ)
- He knows how to drive
- Ikaw lamang, Baby Blue Eyes, Your song is his favorite songs
- his face color is pinkish white
- he looks like a doll when you him in personal
- when they are not yet famous, posadas brothers is always in hypermarket
- he loves to study that's why he didn't attend in their practice and TV guestings
- Oliver said "Hindi kinikilig ang mga lalaki, Flattered lang"

*Clarence Adrian Facts
- he good at Math subject
- his favorite character is Elmo
- all chicser have their younger brothers/sisters except for Cav
- he likes to tease his co-members and then he will put his tongue's out
- Skittles is his favorite chocolate
- he loves to wear sweater
- he came from a rich family
- he have a long tongue
- hotdog is his favorite food

*Ranz Kyle Facts
- he is the oldest 
- his religion is Born Again
- his favorite pose is Tongue's out
- his idol is Julian Trono and Austine Mahone
- Ranz's crush are Chachi Gonzales and Julia Barreto
- he is mama's boy
- he loves McDonalds
- 5'3 height
- he loves to wear jacket even thought it was every hot
- when he is in bad mood, give him a McDonalds and he will ok again
- Mikang Rojas and Ceejay Miranda is his bestfriends
- his favorite shoes is VANS
- his favorite sport is Soccer
- his gel is Fix Wax
- his favorite subject are Math, Science and P.E
- his catchphrase are Emeghed, Yay, Mamhen, Chuchu, Pareey, and Sweetheart
- he don't like a girl wearing a short shorts
- Barber's cut his hair style in a long ago
- he is good at chemistry
- he don't like to pinch his cheeks
- ideal girl: white skin, simple, height is ok, small eyes, and know how to dance
- he is a quite person but bully
- talkative
- he have a girl suitor
- he likes eye-to-eye contact
- 10 to 15 minutes fixing his hair
- crunch is his favorite chocolate
- he knows how to use eyeliner
- he is sweet and  joker

- the youngest member
- Oliver Lance's brother
- his dimples are very attracted
- he is fat in his childhood
- his favorite food is Kare-kare
- he knows how to bake
- his crush is Sam Santiago
- they always wearing boxer short with Oliver when they are in home
- he loves picture his self in the front of mirror
- he became Mr.Intrams in San Felipe School
- he likes neon colors
- he don't like review when they have exams. Stock knowledge
- he is lazy to charge his phone
- he always do a sign of the cross before they dance
- he is always late at school
- he called him Chicser when he is in school
- he is sweet on his brothers
-1/4 Chinese and 1/4 Spanish
- 5'4 height
- when he is in bad mood expect him that he is hungry
- he don't like girls wearing Red Lipstick
- he likes bagoong with red pepper
- mama's boy
-he have a crush on Seah, Ranz's sister
- he is always tambay in Anti-Chicser51 page
- he loves playing basket ball
- one of his favorite songs is pusong bato
- don't tease him when he is hungry
- when you call him on the phone, he will not talk unless you didn't talk
- when Owy tease his brother (Oliver) just only one stare of him, Owy will stop teasing. In short, Owy is scared at Oliver.

Keep Calm and Love Chicser
Full credit to spongeganet at wattpad


  1. hahhahahaahahhahahahahahhahahahhah ang cuteeeee


  3. Ranz is not the oldest. sila po ni owy yung Mga Youngest sa Group.

    1. yeah ranz is the oldest. sa magkakapatid

  4. Gosh!!!! Marunong mag eyeliner si RANZ??? o.O CONFIRMED NA ITEEEYYYYYY!!!!!!!

  5. Gosh. A Guy saying 'Emeghed' ?! My boyfriend doesnt want to say things like that. And he doesnt know how to put a liner.

  6. Wrong grammar.. bata pa siguro gumawa eh :3